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The Honda Acty Mini Truck is a unique truck as it has the engine mounted in the rear of the pick up bed. Honda used a transverse system that you would find in a front wheel drive vehicle and reversed it to the rear. The early Honda Acty was powered by a 2 cylinder engine the EH 550cc. This model was the TA, TN or TC Acty. The later model HA1 and HA2 had a 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc E05A engine. The HA3 and HA4, HA5, HA7 models all had the 3 cylinder 660cc E07A engine. The Acty Pickup was available in 2 wheel drive and 4x4 with 4 or 5 speed transmission and optional 2 wheel drive automatic. Most of the Honda Acty had a carburetor and electronic ignition. It is very common for the Honda Acty to need a new timing belt and tensioner as well as the water pump replaced. This mini truck is very quiet inside the cab and the front struts give it a very smooth ride. The braking system in the newer trucks consist of front disc brakes with pads in the front and rear drum brakes with brake shoes in the rear. Another unique point of the Honda Acty 4x4 is that it is real time 4x4 and independent front and rear suspension. Some of the common tune up items that should be replaced on the Honda Acty Mini Truck are, distributor cap and distributor rotor, spark plugs, spark plug wire set, air filter, fuel filter. When these mini truck parts are replaced the engine should run smoother and burn less fuel. The air flow will be more effecient. The steering centerlink bushing does not have a grease fitting, so they tend to get loose. If you have a shaking steering wheel when driving your Honda Acty on the road it may need the steering bushing replaced. If you need a Part for your Honda Acty Mini Truck our on line store should be able to for full your needs.

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