Axles & Shafts

The Daihatsu hijet has two front CV axles and two drive shafts. One drive shaft is fitted to the rear of the transmission and connects to the rear differential driving the two rear axles on the rear end. The front Drive shaft is fitted to the transfer case, and connected to the front differential that drives the right front CV axle and left front CV axle. The rear drive shaft on the Daihatsu Hijet mini truck  is very short in length. This may cause early failure of the rear drive shaft U joints. A quick inspection of the drive shaft U joints and you will know if they need replacing. The front drive shaft is much longer. The U joints in the front drive shaft usually last for a longer period of time. The Left front CV axle or CV axle shaft is prone failure. Usually it is the out board CV joint that has internal wear. Many customers install lift kits to gain clearance between the front tires and the wheel well on a  Daihatsu Hijet mini truck. The lift kit allows much larger tires to be installed.

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