Cooling & Fuel

The Cooling system on a Daihatsu Hijet comprises of a Water Pump, Thermostat and a Radiator and Heater Core. The Fuel system starts at the Fuel Tank and flows up to the Fuel Pump before the fuel can enter the carburetor. The needle valve inside the carburetor on a Daihatsu Hijet mini truck has been known to stick inside the seat. The truck may not start with fuel running out of the air breather by the air filter or the fuel could be completely cut off. The Daihatsu Hijet Carburetor repair kit can fix this. If the Daihatsu Hijet is left sitting for a long period of time the fuel pump diaphram can dry up and crack. The fuel pump may not have enough strength to suck the fuel from the gas tank and pump it to the carburetor.

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